Facility & Activities


Professionally Managed
Passionate Teachers and courteous admin staff
Extensive use of Multi-modal learning methods
School has a well equipped library with books of various topics. Every book is informative, attractive and interesting for our readers.
Computer education is provided and compulsory to every one.
A healthy body harbors a healthy mind, keeping in view a regular monthly check up by well qualified Physician.
Music and Dance are part of School life
Good Sports Facilities


The school programme is spread over in periods of work compulsory classes are held for Moral Education, Games and Sports, Music and Art education. Library project and computer Education, students are allowed to choose hobbies of their choice in work experience.
Outward activities are organized on short holiday and during vacations.
In addition to the academic work, the following co-curricular activities are organized in the school.
Computer Science, Dramatics, Debate, Sports, Elocution, Painting Handicrafts, Music, Dance, etc.
Socially useful productive work is offered in the following subjects. Grades will be awarded to the same.
(a) Physical Education is compulsory.
(b) Commercial Art.
(c) Painting.
(d) Needle work/Tailoring/ Doll making etc.
(e) Literacy Drive.