From the Desk of Principal

In the field of education, mighty challenges are faced by the parents as well as teachers. In order to educate Children. The teacher and Parents should have friendly approach and not rigid in position of their overviews. It will bring desired result in helping the children to develop self confidence. The healthiest attitude of parents and teachers towards students is to identify the child’s talents and capabilities and make correct assessment. It is important for them to have an emotionally balanced approach in dealing with the students.
We need to understand and create an atmosphere for stress free mental development of the children.
We at R.P.S. have an aim to help children to develop their hidden talents so that they can shoulder more responsibilities which are lying ahead in their life.
Best Regards
Mrs. Rekha Kashyap

From the Desk of Manager

Dear Parents,
Rajeshwari Public School (R.P.S.) is committed to provide the best knowledge to the students.
It is the time now that we should work together for the overall development of the Children. We request you to keep in close contact with your child’s progress by referring him/her school Almanac daily.
We look forward to your full co-operation so that we can help your ward/s to bloom in to a truly educated young person.
Mr. Deepak Kumar

Our school is the best choice for your kid

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